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Georgie River is an emerging artist based in Wilsons Creek, in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia. Her work explores her relationship with the natural world around her, mostly of, and created on, Bundjalung Nation where she resides.

Mainly self taught, she experiments using acrylics, oils and dry ground pigments, preferring to intuitively work with paint and create from a place of feeling. Through a deep reverence and connection to nature her work acts as a communication between herself and the land, seeking to express visually what is felt viscerally. 

Georgie began her journey as a practicing artist 4 years ago after moving up to the Northern Rivers. Mainly self taught since a young age, Georgie obtained a Diploma of Art and Design in London before undertaking a BA (hons) in Photography at the University for the Creative Arts 10 years ago. She rediscovered her love of painting through her connection to Australian land, when moving here in 2015. 

"After moving to Northern NSW in Australia in 2017 I found myself immersed in nature. Surrounded by nature reserves, national parks, eucalyptus trees, diverse wildlife, rich smells and vibrant sounds, a deeper connection with this sacred land formed. It had been years since I last painted but I felt an undeniable calling to put brush to paper and allow this land to speak through me. We are at a time where the earth needs us the most, there has never been a more potent time for each of us to find our unique voice. I believe that art has the power to ignite the love in our hearts and reconnect us back to where we came from, and who we inherently are."

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